Movement Meditation 


Saturday Feb. 4th 2017 7:00-9:00p.m

Located in South Park at Ginseng Yoga
2985 Beech St. 92103

$25 pre-reg $30 door


w/ Maria Slocum 
Add more flow to your yoga practice with this divine combination Yoga, Dance, Meditation,  & Sisterhood. This is an opportunity to tune into YOUR body and how it feels. In a world where we are constantly being told what we should do, and how, I find it increasingly important to give ourselves opportunity to listen to ourselves and respond accordingly. I will combine the instruction with an opportunity to move organically as your own body’s wisdom guides you. You will enhance your ability to connect to your body and eachother in a deeply honoring way.
Affirmations: I feel grounded, stable, and secure in my body.
Maria Slocum is a Holistic Women’s Health Practitioner and specializes in Prenatal & Postpartum care. She is a Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructor & Performer, Certified Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist, Birth Doula, and founder of Slocum’s Holistic Healing. Her unique and specialized training in pelvic rehab therapy helps people heal chronic low back, hip, and pelvic pain, as well as helps women prevent and heal birth related pelvic and abdominal dysfunctions such as diastasis recti (ab separation), incontinence, and organ prolapse.
She teaches Prenatal Yoga, private and group Core Training & Pelvic Rehab Therapy, Tribal Fusion Belly Dance, Facilitates Women’s Ceremonies & support groups, and offers Massage Therapy on Tuesday-Saturday at Ginseng Yoga Studio, and The Glow Women’s Center on Fridays.
She has extensive training and 5 years experience working with both Eastern and Western modalities of body work. Her sessions include a variety of modalities including Prenatal & Postnatal, Circulatory/Swedish, Ayurvedic, Zen-Touch, Hawaiian Lomi Lomi, Deep Tissue, and Sports Massage. She helps women heal numerous condition such as sciatica, SI Joint pain (low back), shoulder girdle and back pain swelling and numbeness in the hands and feet, and so much more.


Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Workshop

Dec. 17th 3:30-5:30

$30 Pre-registration        Sign Up HERE        $35 At the door

Located in South Park at Ginseng Yoga Studio
2985 Beech St. 92102 

You will learn to combine tribal fusion belly dance combinations and movements with specific intentions to release negative energy that gets stuck in the body. This is a high energy and extremely fun way to workout and uses spiraling and undulating movements to literally transform the energy in your body. The music and instruction with get you moving like you never knew you could!

Benefits include but not limited to:
  • decreases tension and/or pain throughout the body
  • improves posture and muscle tone throughout the body
  • reduces stress level 
  • improves digestion and metabolism
  • relieves stomach problems such as bloating 
  • clears the mind and increases brain function

Class structure:

  • Warmup
  • Opening Circle to set collective as well as individual intentions and create a safe container for letting go
  • Belly Dance Drills
  • Learn 1-3 Tribal Fusion Combos
  • Closing Circle
  • Savasana

You are are being summoned by the Goddess herself. No more hiding, shaming, blaming or procrastinating. Your divine assignment is needed. Your gifts, your opinions, your preferences, your creations, your discernment, your intuition, your voice! Your voice matters!

This is a high energy and extremely fun way to workout and use intentional as well as organic, fluid movement to literally transform the energy in your body.

Now is the time for you to Rise and Shine. You are supported, witnessed and celebrated! You are ready!  It is time to come home to yourself. To your body, your voice, your senses, your pleasure, your passion.

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Class is taught by Maria Slocum- Yoga & Tribal Fusion Belly Dance Instructor and Performer, Prenatal & Postpartum Doula, Massage Therapist, and Pelvic Rehab Specialist. She is the founder of Slocum’s Holistic Healing where she is a Holistic Women’s Health Practitioner and specializes in Holistic Prenatal & Postpartum Care and Recovery. To learn more about why she is so passionate about this work, visit her About Me page.



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Herbs for Women:

You will learn 3 simple and effective ways to use several different herbs that will help you relieve stress, have more energy, relieve menstrual discomforts, and so much more!

When: Saturday, December 5th 2015 11:00-12:00

Where: Ocean Beach (exact location will be given when you sign up)

Cost: $10 with class card, or $15 drop in

What to bring: Notebook and pen, water bottle, plastic tub for herbal foot bath (if you have one)

Intro to NVC (Non Violent Communication)

You will learn the 4 steps to communicate in a way that allows other people to actually hear you, rather than getting defensive and reacting.

Learning this method has changed my life! It is simple and highly effective.

When: Saturday, December 18th 2015 11:00-12:00

Where: Ocean Beach (exact location will be given when you sign up)

Cost: $10 with class card, $15 drop in

What to bring: Notebook and pen, water bottle

Massage Workshop:

Learn the basics of helping yourself and others find relief from muscle tension.  You will learn professional techniques that can be used without the need for an expensive massage table or oils. I will demonstrate, and you will practice on your partner.

When: Friday, August 14th 7:00- 9:00 p.m.

Where: Tripower Yoga Studio 2183 Bacon St. 92107
Cost: $25/ person early bird registration until August. 11th, $30 after August 11th
What to bring: Yoga mat, 1-2 pillows, notebook and pen, water bottle

How to sign up:  Sign up here or call Maria (509) 846-9749
Space is limited so sign up now