Maria has extensive training and 5 years experience working with both Eastern and Western modalities of body work, specializing in chronic pain recovery,  prenatal massage, and postpartum recovery.  Her unique and specialized training in core training and pelvic rehab therapy helps people heal low back pain, hip pain, sciatica, shoulder girdle pain, pelvic pain, diastasis recti, organ prolapse, incontinence, and digestive issues.  Her personal experience with overcoming chronic pain gives her a very strong passion to help others do the same.

Core Training/rehab helps relieve:

  • hip, low back, and pelvic pain
  • incontinence/leakage when you sneeze, cough, laugh
  • diastasis recti abdominus (ab separation)
  • organ prolapse
  • digestive and abdominal issues

Sessions include:

  • In depth functional assessment and postural analysis
  • Release work (stretches, sports massage, and use of therapy balls, foam rollers)
  • Exercises to optimize function and synergy of the core 4

90 minute massage                                      $105

60 minute massage                                       $80

Training/Rehab single session                     $100

4 week Training/Rehab program                   $370

8 week program (most popular)                    $680


Massages include Hot Towels, Stones, & Aromatherapy as needed for no extra charge



OR CALL/TEXT MARIA AT (509) 846-9749